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Thursday, 24 May 2007
Strong Black voices reject NSW govt logging at Gulaga South Coast forest
Mood:  special
Topic: nsw govt

Picture: Guboo Ted Thomas was the patriach of the local Aboriginal People around Gulaga on the south coast of NSW and a strong opponent of logging and woodchipping on his land from at least the 1970ies. In one famous example he confronted a bulldozer on his own.

Received from Harriet Swift Coordinator of ChipStop today, bold added:

Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: [chipstop] Merrimans, trad owner, trad cust, white structure land council

Fortunately, the Merrimans statement has now been fairly effectively knocked on the head by a group of 17 recognised traditional owners led by Arthur Ridgeway who has been staying with us at the camp.
Arthur was spurred into action and made a very strong statement against the logging on the Tim Holt morning program yesterday. No transcript available
He also, incidentally gave us permission to enter the prohibited zone at the log dump on Monday morning. Not sure how that would stand up in court, but it was good enough for me!

At 06:36 PM 23/05/2007, ecology action australia wrote:

worth recalling some guidelines on protocols I've learned over the years regarding traditional owners of bush
- in relation to the Gulaga area the patriach now dead Guboo Ted Thomas was really anti logging and his memory is a powerful symbol against the woodchippers even if there is a shift to a new deal with the State Govt - which is what we are seeing here, some kind of political deal or slippage from Guboo's time at least. He told me personally I was "on the right track" opposing woodchipping of forests, and he opposed the pro logging factions in the Black community from best I can recall.
- my guess the logging is still likely against the traditional law of those Aboriginal People if the truth were told.
- sure its on the foothills and sure Noelene might not oppose it but if the traditional owners [as distinct from Land Council rep who could be from anywhere, or traditional custodian with status less than trad owner] say they want logging then I think they become part of the problem because we are part of a national problem and an international problem which is bigger than just this mob.
- then there is the impact of logging on their traditional land buggering up the water catchment of neighbouring property owners.
- then there is ecological science......

Yours truly, Tom McLoughlin

 Postscript #1 www.tilbalogging.com

ATTENTION - BIG NEWS - An 'Eviction Notice' was served this morning on 'Forests NSW' by sixteen traditional land owners of the Yuin people. (More information soon -23-May-2007)

See Interview with traditional elder.


Posted by editor at 12:42 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 24 May 2007 7:07 PM NZT

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