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Saturday, 20 October 2007
Granny Smith pioneer orchardist, Olive at 108 on the web, or Exclusive Brethren style brain dead women?
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: election Oz 2007


John Howard is doing grassroots electioneering at the Granny Smith Festival based around the Field of Mars, now known as Marsfield/Eastwood area of Northern Sydney.

This writer has distant relatives from the Eric McLoughlin side of the family based in Eastwood so we wonder about attending. But duty calls in the Blue Mountains this temperate Saturday, forecast for 23 degrees on the coast.

But what most alarms us is the family and social dimension celebrating a famous Granny Smith variety of apple and female agriculturalist pioneer Maria Ann Sherwood, in the area, led by PM John Howard who also just happens to support the ultra right wing stifling oppressive Exclusive Brethren.

Here is a description of Granny Smith from Ryde Local Council website:

"He interviewed local fruit-grower Edwin Small who recalled that in 1868 he and his father had been invited by Maria to examine a seedling apple growing by a creek on her farm. She explained that the seedling had developed from the remains of some French crab apples grown in Tasmania. The Granny Smith is today recognised as a fixed mutation or 'sport'."

Such an initiative is not what you get when you brainwash female children and keep them cocooned away from modern educational technology in case they get ideas and become harder to control in a quasi slave business/religous cult.

Take for instance the remarkable 108 year old YouTube Star, Olive who embraces the modern technology denied Australian female citizens in the so called 'lawful' Exclusive Brethren, who have their base in the boundaries of the seat of Bennelong and the blessing of current PM John Howard, and implicated in electoral fraud.

That to us is appalling hypocrisy. Howard would never allow his own daugher and qualified lawyer Melanie Howard to be oppressed the way his barrackers in the Exclusive Brethren actively do.

Granny Smith may well be rolling in her grave, and Olive too would be disgusted if she could be bothered. It is exactly this kind of subtle double standard that causes colleagues and enemies alike to refer to John Howard as a cunning "rodent".

We simply say this ultra right PM is not fit to govern for actively colluding in the systemitised oppression of young Australian women in the Exclusive Brethren cult.

Much like PM Howard wants to be mates with big donor Dick Pratt while many see him as a confessed corporate criminal who should be in gaol. And just like John Howard says he is a climate change realist while actively sabotaging the Kyoto protocol, just as he delivers bucketloads of extinguishment of native title but supports reconciliation. As if.

If the Big Media allow Howard to be re elected it will be a shameful tragedy for this country.

Posted by editor at 10:45 AM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 20 October 2007 11:31 AM NZT

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