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Friday, 14 December 2007
NSW power sale: Will public sector unions officially shift to The Greens?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: nsw govt

Picture: Is Michael Costa considering a career with Macquarie Bank after politics like Bob Carr, and will the Bank participate in the privatisation feeding frenzy?    


We hear on the ABC radio news hourly bulletin at 1 pm 14 Dec 07 via Treasurer Costa that the power privatisation decision of the Iemma Govt is "final". This is the same Costa who it might be said has never faced the people for election in his own personal capacity having come up through the union ranks to a cosy spot in the Upper House ticket to get his parliamentary pension.


There has even been talk Costa is keen to retire before the next election, even by 2009:

The big if: is Premier ready to cut and run? - National - smh.com.au

That is, even as the ranks of opponents move against the sell off gather steam as here reported yesterday

Forces gather against power privatisation - National - smh.com.au

and today

Builders to fight power privatisation | The Australian

Costa patronisingly tells the unions they have no role in this because it's "final".

Time will tell. The pro public sector unions have some serious decisions to make about where the ALP, their party, are coming from.

Meanwhile the Green Party are going as fast as they can to campaign against the sell off of the huge public assets:

Greens launch "Public Power" campaign to stop electricity sale

Media Release: 13 December 2007

Greens NSW MP John Kaye today unveiled his party's posters, badges, web site and other materials as part of their campaign to stop the NSW government's privatisation of the electricity industry.

Dr Kaye said: "Premier Morris Iemma has badly underestimated community opposition to electricity industry privatisation.

"We will be working along side unions and community groups to turn that opposition into action.

"It is not too late to stop the privatisation of the electricity retailers and the long term lease of the generators.

"The Iemma government is trying to use the holiday season to get away with this unpopular move. No doubt they are hoping that voters will be distracted by celebrations with family, friends and colleagues.

"The Greens will be putting up posters and distributing fliers to remind Christmas shoppers that while they are celebrating, Premier Iemma and his Treasurer Michael Costa will be busy selling off their electricity industry.

"Today we are also launching our website, john.greens.org.au/privatisation, that equips visitors with the arguments against privatisation and allows them to send a click-and-protest anti-privatisation message to Premier Iemma.

"Last weekend the State Conference of the Greens NSW voted to establish a No Privatisation Working Group. The level of outrage within the membership stems not only from the greenhouse impacts of the sell-off but also the loss of jobs and the damage to consumers.

"We want Labor party leaders to know how angry the community is.

"The Federal Coalition was swept aside by the Your Rights at Work campaign.

"The Iemma government should be very afraid that the determined combination of community power and organisation does not send them to the same fate as John Howard's administration," Dr Kaye said.

Visit the Greens anti-privatisation campaign at: john.greens.org.au/privatisation

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455

In our local area we wonder whether the ALP members of parliament are too well off and comfortable to really know what little people want anymore. For instance what is Federal Infrastructure Minister Albanese's attitude to the sell off, from the Left of the party? He's very quiet just as he is very quiet about the massive expansion of Port Botany impacts on his seat of Grayndler.

If you look at p3 of the The Glebe 6th December 2007 you will notice this article:


It's very revealing of Minister Albanese's anxiety to prove his battler Left credentials. Indeed it could be more than a coincidental response to this humble micro news website 24 Nov 07:



What this 'humble origins' PR completely fails to recognise is that he is a millionaire based on he and wife's combined career Lefty Big Party income. This affluence definitely pisses off some in the local Left ranks. All it needs is a kick along. The
'millionaire representative MP for Grayndler.'
'Forgotten where he's from'.
'Lost touch with poor people'.
'Doesn't know what it feels like anymore for the little people'.
'In it for himself'.
All that kind of sledging. Arguably quite true and not just one ALP MP. Certainly Albanese seems sensitive about it. All that dosh.
As the momentum in the local area for rampant development - differentially enriching the ALP mates in the business sector at the expense of their resident's amenity and health takes hold- then this stark contrast between rich slippery talking pollie on fat wage and those copping the downside may generate a serious voter backlash. Of course it's a taboo subject for the overpaid mainstream media, and the pollies themselves but its bound to influence people the more they think about it.
Enough anger to unrust the Left ALP voters to the Greens? 


It is about financial envy, and it is about punishing the so called 'meritocracy' but only because no individual needs that much affluence to live in a crowded inequitable world. It's basically an affront to equity that these MPs are climbing on the shoulders of the local little people, while always claiming to help them. Not as Rudd's Infrastructure Minister he won't be. He will be building big road tunnels through his own seat.


This is why Minister Albanese has to parade his humble origins in the letter above, while CBD Mayor Clover Moore donates her second wage to charity. The perception the 'pigs are walking on their hind legs' just like Animal Farm starting to behave like the farmer, that is the bosses party (the Liberals). One wonders if that is the case with Treasurer Costa as well telling the unions the govt decision is "final".


But The Greens for instance have to be up for the argument. They have to have their own moderate finances in order.  The ALP Left will squeal blue murder because it's potentially a winning brutal and personal argument that will peel their wings off in the local power stakes especially with the rusted on poor ALP voters who are on traditional riding orders parent to child to always vote ALP.

Anyway that's one analysis how to replace the rotten ALP borough and their patronage and access machine deliverying for the big end of town and bugger the little people.

Posted by editor at 1:38 PM EADT
Updated: Friday, 14 December 2007 3:07 PM EADT

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