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Saturday, 8 March 2008
ASIO not the only one advertising for 'spies' ?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: aust govt

Doing our duty at the local job agency we noticed this curious advert on the My Career Fairfax website for the 'Hong Kong' Government, which as most people know is the mainland vertically integrated Chinese Communist Party dictatorship Government in a more western friendly guise:

Hong Kong
HONG KONG ECONOMIC handle enquiries and conduct research relating to particular issues in Australia engage in liaison and networking activities in... more
Sydney Metro, NSW | Published in The Sydney Morning Herald  Salary not specified 09/02/2008

The full advert reads via this screenshot, and notice in particular,

 "will be mainly responsible for monitoring reports and briefs on economic and political developments in Australia and New Zealand"


"Knowledge of Hong Kong and the Chinese language will be an advantage"



Which all goes to suggest it's not just ASIO who are advertising in the mainstream press for personnel quite regularly of late, but also here at their website:

We won't indulge in sledging of the security agency, at least not this time.

Rather why would the Chinese be so interested to have such advice above and beyond standard spooky control games?

We recall super killing machine gun Metal Storm so well reported by Channel 9 Sunday programme in 2006 (which is missing from their features archive ... but we found it anyway! via good  old Sydney Indy Media archive God bless 'em both Big and Little media) and it's all still there but for how long we don't know:


Chinese whispers and the Aussie killing machine
October 1, 2006
Reporter :Sarah Ferguson
Producer : Nick Farrow

Chinese whispers and the Aussie killing machine

Video link
Watch video 


with echo here:

China's desire for inventor's gun just tip of iceberg - World ... Hamish McDonald Asia-Pacific Editor, October 2, 2006 also ironically on Fairfax

and here

Chinese after our weaponry - Business - Business - smh.com.au 2 Oct 2006

 Mike O'Dwyer … offered $134 million for this gun.

We also recall Chinalco stalking global miner Rio Tinto for their enormous resources apetite. But methinks dangerous climate policy is perhaps an even greater concern to our no longer sleeping giant neighbour to the north:

 and as that twee pop song goes "we're all in this together" more or less by an artist who started out (?) at BBies in Bondi years ago:

Suffice to say we didn't apply for work with either organisation. We are but a humble servant of the community media sector and probably on a few defacto black lists anyway given this last 15 years of ecological politiking, and no regrets whatsoever for doing our duty.


For those doubting the manipulative arts of the Chinese empire one might just notice this suite of articles:

- Spielberg snubs Olympics over Darfur | The Courier-Mail 13 Feb 2008

- Spielberg quits as Olympics adviser - World - theage.com.au 14 Feb 2008

- Taiwan alert after Chinese spy claims | The Australian 14 Feb 2008

- Beijing brands Spielberg 'naive' | The Australian

- Essays set agenda for radical reforms | The Australian 25 Feb 2008

- Athletes' blogs add dimension to Olympics coverage | The Australian 25 Feb 2008

And then here comes the PR trump card with glamourous colour pic of actress Naomi Watts page 3 6th March 2008 sanitising all of the above regarding all things China, with not a mention of that stumble bum has been director Spielberg:

Watts lifts veil on China's mysteries | The Australian 6 March 2008

Followed up with a friendly quarrantine sport from the real world of international relations in the Oz weekend glossies with Lisa Forrest "who just wanted to swim" and has a book out called Boycott with Allen & Unwin. She even notes in the last line that she and athlete Peter Evans are the 'Vietnam Vets of the Olympics'. Boo hoo.

People in Darfur "just want to live" and sport is frivolous. As if a swimming race or whole sports carnival can compare. How many Darfur athletes will be there?

The ways of the Chinese dictatorship are inscrutable apart from the odd glimpses above.

Posted by editor at 4:25 AM EADT
Updated: Saturday, 8 March 2008 9:45 PM NZT

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