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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
Retrospective Sydney 2000 Olympic racket: Bribes, drugs, lies, arrogance
Mood:  irritated
Topic: human rights


Last night we watched the ostensible mercurial, self assurred International Olympic Committee fixer, and Australian citizen, Kevin Gosper weave his fairytale on ABC (Australia) 7.30 Report about the role of the Olympics in global corporate geo politics:

25 March 2008 Gosper rejects calls for Beijing boycott As China steps up security on the streets of Tibet, the International Olympic Committee is rejecting calls for a boycott of the Beijing Games. Ali Moore speaks with the International Olympic Committee executive member, Kevan Gosper.


We say fairytale because here is a more honest description of what happened with the 'green games' from the first bid in 1993 beating by barely 2 votes the rival Beijing bid at the time:

Sydney Harbour dioxin threat post Olympics 2000




Sydney’s dioxin time bomb reflects an
Olympic sized missed opportunity 


Similarly notice our reports here 20th March 2008:

Olympic politics: Passive censorship off the ABC 702 talk back for this 5th estate tyre kicker
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: big media

and here

Olympics IS political: Aussie Peter Norman solidarity with black power salute 1968
Mood:  special
Topic: independent media

While acknowledging Gosper's own patriotic Olympic athletic career as a younger man, frankly he spins a kind face on a global racket, made clear by the dynamic Big Media and alternative media sector coverage for Sydney 2000 of which we have two thick folders of priceless archive: A retrospective is in order because the global and Chinese media can learn a lesson from Australia how to really do free press and democracy and harvest the benefits of that open and frank exchange of information, rather than fester in bogus rhetoric, dishonesty, human rights abuses and corporate greed.

Picture: The Olympics has been about politics for a long time now. Evidence of our tragic participation in the Sydney Olympics 2000, being a reader analyst night shift job (really night shift midnight to 8 am) with Media Monitors where most of these clippings filling 2 large binders derived from.

During this time 1999 - 2001 we worked as a reader analyst for Media Monitors and raised some $4K from that organisation in the Oxfam Trailwalker charity for East Timor with 3 other workmates. Hence the access to national press coverage, copied franticly at the end of every shift midnight to 8am. It was also the year of the Olympic racket taking over Bondi Beach for a multi-million dollar temporary stadium on iconic public beach sands.

Picture: Immensely popular Bondi Beach mid 2000 turned into a construction zone, 'thieves do indeed come to the beach' and not just petty crooks either!

 The temporary wasteful takeover at Bondi was indicative of the depth of arrogance of the IOC and their local AOC chapter for  which Kevin Gosper is spinmeister for corporate sponsors. Is it any wonder they work hand in glove with the arrogant repressive central Chinese dictatorship govt?










Posted by editor at 6:24 AM NZT
Updated: Wednesday, 26 March 2008 8:34 AM NZT

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