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Monday, 21 April 2008
Take out of 2020 Summit: Rudd Inc showcase is Rollerball style monolith
Mood:  sad
Topic: aust govt

Picture: The World Corp's CEO in his lair in movie Rollerball, like PM Rudd inviting the Big Media into his interview room at the Summit, surrounded by his powerful machine in parliament house rather than the usual press conference format.

It will be up to the 5th estate to lead the dynamic critique of the 2020 Summit. The Big Media are mostly co opted, as pretty much agreed on Insiders show yesterday. This is not healthy democracy.

For those excluded from the grand weekend Summit then there is always great movie fodder  Rollerball  made in 1975 directed by Norman Jewison who also made Fiddler on the Roof. Quite a moral giant is Mr Jewison - he made Rollerball in the 70ies in Germany of all places, in a dis-used 1936 Olympic venue.

(How's that for a sharp inhalation moment as the profound implications of that sinks in, not least sequel to Munich 1972 tragedy. Quite ironic with the Jewish Passover 19th April 2008 as we watched it, with religious Jewry absent from the big 2020 Summit in Canberra. We swear we had no idea about all this background before the weekend viewing of the DVD special features from our local.)

The underlying theme is all about monolithic corporations (Rudd's ALP Inc?) taking over all liberty and free thinking. In exchange for comfort and good health, free of war the world's people devolve their individuality and politics and values to a monolithic single corporation. Indeed this is what China Inc really is modelled on today. Just sublimate your own personal authentic insights for official acceptance and rewards.

It's a terryifyingly manipulative model.

The echo with the co-option of diverse interests at the Rudd showcase 2020 Summit last weekend are scary. In the movie it's all about a violent circus game to entertain the masses under the strict control of the World Corporation.  

At the 2020 Summit it was all about violence to one's individual political will power, stripping people of their alliances making them political virgins again as it were, and embracing them within the Rudd ALP Inc fold. All the sub and sub-sub groups were like a Moroccan carpet salesman dividing all into smaller and smaller groups until they succumb to the love of Big Rudd.

 Picture: Rollerball screenshot of a brain dead player victim, Moonpie. Quite a metaphor for the fate of Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson swamped by the ALP choreography and too desensitised to the political pain to extract himself before it was all too late.

The Moroccans carpet sellers really do winnow people like that to make their sale, as experienced on our travels in 2002. It's about separating people from their moral support.

The Rudd/ALP machine are excellent at co-option. All those 1000 brains were prostituted to this tv news presentation (below) last night on 10, 7, 9, SBS, ABC. Notice it was not a press conference but an intimite personalised chat one to one leveraging the PM's office at it's most powerful surrounded by 1,000 groupies, and so much harder to ask brutal questions about manipulation:


Picture: PM Kevin Rudd is never so happy as when he is on stage. As here on every tv news channel last night in one on one interviews different questioner but same background location.

Our last word this morning before checking the gush in the major press: Who would ever present a final report in book form these days to be buried for discovery in 12 years? What about a CD? Are the proceedings entered on the 2020 website for everyone to look at, or are they secretive like the faulty selection process excluding eminent scientists who don't toe the Rudd Govt line?

Posted by editor at 10:59 AM NZT
Updated: Wednesday, 23 April 2008 9:37 AM NZT

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