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Tuesday, 13 May 2008
Prof Allan Fels profile build to stalk Graeme Samuel's ACCC job?
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: aust govt


One get's the feeling Allan Fels is in the news alot lately in the late dawn of the Rudd regime. There he is on 7.30 Report last night 

12 May 2008,  Westpac and St George to merge

PROFESSOR ALLAN FELS: If Westpac acquires St George, then surely the other banks are going to be wanting to merge amongst themselves
to match its new size. And so, the Treasurer will have to decide whether he's sticking with the 'four pillars policy' or not. .....

PROFESSOR ALLAN FELS: This merger, if it happens, may well trigger moves by other banks to gobble up the remaining small banks.

and again on AM this morning:

Then there is this about Graeme Samuel's job contract up for renewal ... or not:

Crikey - Telstra’s Dr Phil wins media over but what about Graeme Samuel Thursday, 8 May 2008 Stephen Mayne writes:

"The Rudd Government has an important decision coming up when Graeme Samuel’s first term at the ACCC expires and the Telstra situation will be a major factor."

Graeme Samuel nearly didn't get his first term:

13 Nov 02 The World Today - States block ACCC appointment 

... STEPHEN LONG: There were indeed a variety of reasons why the different Labor regimes opposed Graeme Samuel. NSW claims it has no problem with the man, but opposed the lack of consultation about his appointment. Western Australia argued the role of deputy chair is meant for a consumer advocate.

Queensland has a history of disputes with Graeme Samuel over competition policy. And the ACT apparently thought that, as an ex-president of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he was too close to the big end of town.

But Peter Costello has attacked the states for failing to put up an alternative candidate. He says they were given ample time to do so. But NSW Treasurer Michael Egan says that fails to take into account that after Allan Fels unexpectedly announced his retirement plans on national television in September, it was a new ball game.

MICHAEL EGAN: Well that’s absolute nonsense, Mr Costello wrote to the States 18 months ago seeking nominations for the position of deputy chair. NSW made a nomination, nothing happened with that nomination. But in any event that was 18 months ago and the decision that we’re now dealing with is quite different because it’s effectively the chairman designate of the ACCC. ....

STEPHEN LONG: Meanwhile, it's been confirmed that there were last minute attempts to stitch up joint ticket acceptable to the States involving Graeme Samuel and the head of the Australian Consumers Association, Louise Sylvan.

Norm Carruthers is acting chief executive of the ACA. And his boss interrupted her sojourn at Lake Como in Italy to confirm she had been a candidate.

NORM CARRUTHERS: [laughs] I’m not sure exactly where she was contacting me from, Steve, but Louise did send me an email this morning just clarifying her position in regard to the ACCC appointments.

STEPHEN LONG: And what is her position in regards to the ACCC?

NORM CARRUTHERS: Well her position all along is that the consumers movement in Australia is seeking that there consistently be an appointment of a deputy chair of the ACCC who is a person with a strong consumer background and experience.

STEPHEN LONG: It’s been widely said that Louise Sylvan was proposed to take over as deputy chair of the ACCC when Graeme Samuel ascended to the top job. Can you confirm that?

NORM CARRUTHERS: That’s what’s been suggested by a number of people, I know Allan Fels and a few other people suggested that and making it clear there was, in fact, a person available who was confident and experienced and able to fill that position.

Posted by editor at 11:07 AM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 13 May 2008 11:56 AM NZT

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